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A new way of life

I've decided that if I want to improve my life, beyond getting a new job, then I need to rework the way I live it.
- As of last week I am going to the gym 3 days a week. I already feel less stressed.
- Most Financially responsible. I have generally been tiht with my money, comes from having none while in school. I've noticed myself spending more, and with the prospect of no job, I'm spending less. I make sure items in the weekly menu are reused, like Tacos, then chicken salad wraps for dinner. No more tortillas sitting in the fridge.
-Meet with my friends more often. I know we are all very busy, and it hard to get together all the time. But I think we can all fit in a dinner every few weeks
- start painting again.
- Finish my house projects. This one is driving me nuts. I didn't realize it till i looked into the second bedroom and noticed that you couldn't walk into it again. We hung up some of the pictures that were taking up the space. Once i finally paint the office ( i know i know) The rest will be up. I may just hang them up anyways.

I also need to finish Christmas shopping. I think a few iTunes cards for the kids who have Ipods and toy ones for the others would be good this year. Siblings on the other side, no idea. Its hard buying a present for SIL's hubby when he makes you angry. Hubby is all done, except for some stocking stuffers.

Off to work. Enjoy the day


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