The Voices Inside My Head


Its Raining..... Again

Several people have gotten their notices, myself not being one of them.
I'm not worried, but being in limbo is oh so tiring.

With all the rain, we actually have green stuff in the front yard. Its not all grass, heck if its even 20% grass that would be amazing. We have lots of weeds, but it does make for a better looking yard when their is something other then DIRT. Well besides those damn freaking gopher wholes that are back.

Week 9 for football is done, my team is better then can be expected. The only problem with football season, is i tend to mark time by Football weeks. Football season is small, only till January, and that means we are getting closer to the holidays. Time moves way to fast during football season.

Better start cranking out those Christmas lists



Don't forget to Vote!!!

Hopefully changes will bring along jobs, since its getting closer and closer to the day I will get my notice. As happy as i am for change, I feel lost. I have been working for the same company for 10 years. 10 long years.

I guess I am a little scared, and excited.