The Voices Inside My Head


Its finally Friday!!

Thank goodness.

We are helping my parents install their new "ikea" hardwood floor this weekend in their bedroom. My mom is labeling it a family get togther. While we will all be there (me, Hubby, Bro 1 and bro 2), Hopefully it will not lead to any bloodshed. Wait, this is my family, so someone will get cut, or bruised or wind up with some gash in a leg without knowing its origin, but we should be alive afterwards. If we weren't walking disasters already, mom wants me to bring beer, and she will make chili. Now I don't know about you, but being stuck in a 20 x 17 room with my hubby, two brothers, and dad after they have been drinking beer and eating chili is not on my list of "must do" activities. Hope the weather is warm tomorrow, since all the doors and windows to the room will be wide open.

Sunday should be better, my team has a morning game and its Televised. Black outs suck donkey****.

I really need to get my ass to the used book store, I could really use some trashy contemporary romances novels to relax me afterwork.

Oh, the "oral exam" for a position at school was easy. 8 basic questions to do with computers, networking and handling 3 different types of people with issues. After I answered a few of the techinical questions, I looked at the moderators, and could read it in their minds "she may be overqualified". At least they keep this on file, and try to match you with a position if possible.


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