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What kind of job requires an oral examination? Is this similar to an interview, only if you don't answer the questions right, you fail? It must be some sort of School District type of thing. I've printed out the job discription, and have been studing it religiously in an attempt to win the position. My only fear is that they neglected to read the "minimum salary" portion of my online application, and will want to hire me for much less.
Its definetly the kind of position I want. Laid back, low key, holidays off, working in schools, and better benies. I fear I may miss the fast paced environment that i have become acustomed to, NAH who am I kidding. Hopefully the hours worked will help in the quest to get a degree in my field.

The front yard is seriously in need of color. The dead grass look is sooo last year. I'm thinking of replacing the unknown tree in our yard, with a verigated phycus depending on the root structure. We have to till the front up anyways, to replace the BAD sprinkler system from the previous owners, and plant grass. any thooughts.

Does getting married, and hearing about other peoples new babies, automatically turn your an internal banner ad in your head on that reads "I WANT A BABY!!"?


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