The Voices Inside My Head


I'm back in the big D

And i do mean Dallas
The commute sucks, the air is so heavy with humidy,that you feel as if you have swam to many laps in the pool when you breathe, but otherwise its not too bad.

I've come to realize that I miss the people who work here, that used to be out in Cali. It will be sad when I finally go, but I know that we will try and remain in contact. Don't know if we would actually come back out to D, but If we did we would so have fun.

Hubby is trying to locate the number for the district job I lust after, thank goodness for call ID. I need to call and find out if I will still be able to interview for the position or if I need to wait until they either repost it, if this interview process fails, or if they have need for another person down the road. The other 2 school postitions are still waiting to close, I hope they call me.


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