The Voices Inside My Head


Is it here yet?

Not that you actually see a lot of beautifully colored leaves in my kneck of the woods. But it does mean, lower temps, crisper mornings, chances of rain, snuggling, sweaters, pumpkins, decorating the house and darker nights.

Fall is my favorite time of year.


I'm backkkkkkkkk

Well I will say this, Dallas was more fun this time. After 10 days, it didn't seem to be all that bad, except for the weather, the flatness and the drivers. Oh and tollways suck. 1.80 to go one way to work, cause really I want to pay to go to work, more then I already am with gas. Seems fair to me, right.

This weekend is Oktoberfest in my neck of the woods. I can't wait. Drown my sorrows in a few pints. I would also like to start working on the back patch of yard, so I can plant my fall/winter garden.

"I'm sorry but we have gone with another candidate, but will keep your information on file"

its nice to know that those in the hiring world use the same phrase. Whats that my 10th we went with someone else. Today I will be calling the company back that wanted to interview me while i was out of town, they had another position oopen but I think i am better qualified for the first one. Either way, I want to work for them. It would make my life easier, and maybe me easier to live with.

When you are ending one career, not by choice, and have to have a new one found by a certain date, it tends to make one "difficult" to live with. Especially when you have found a new "disliking" to your current job. I've come to notice that I know my job too well, and really I am bored with it. I doubt I would have been happy relocating, unless i was relocatingt to another position. I think 3 years without any sort of increase in position, or the availability of a higher position helped with that. There was also the "promise" that in a YEAR more positions would be open, yeah thanks. There lack of realizing they needed supervisors, analysts and Project Managers, has cost me experience I could really use about now.


I'm back in the big D

And i do mean Dallas
The commute sucks, the air is so heavy with humidy,that you feel as if you have swam to many laps in the pool when you breathe, but otherwise its not too bad.

I've come to realize that I miss the people who work here, that used to be out in Cali. It will be sad when I finally go, but I know that we will try and remain in contact. Don't know if we would actually come back out to D, but If we did we would so have fun.

Hubby is trying to locate the number for the district job I lust after, thank goodness for call ID. I need to call and find out if I will still be able to interview for the position or if I need to wait until they either repost it, if this interview process fails, or if they have need for another person down the road. The other 2 school postitions are still waiting to close, I hope they call me.


F**** That

So I have to travel once again to dallas. This wouldn't be so bad, if my dream job hadn't called for an interview next week while i am gone, and they aren't sure whether or not they can see me before i leave sunday, or when i get back.

I may cry.

In other news, i have an interview with someone else, for a job i Don't remember applying for. good times.

Wish me luck... oh and hope they can still interview me at the dream local