The Voices Inside My Head


Where have all the good jobs gone?

I'm begining to wonder if there is something wrong with me, or maybe just my resume. Or maybe their is a secret coding hidden deep within the text, that I can't see that says "please, don't hire her"
Or maybe on the job websites, when employers search it says "nope, she's no good"

The thing is, I am hireable. I work hard, I love to learn new things, and am self motivated and guided. I have taught my self most of the software I know. Doesn't that say something.

I'm starting to feel defeated. i've been looking on an off for over a year, and now i m down to the crunch time. I know 3 months is a while, but I would like to be out before they shuffle me around. We know they won't let us go early, they would have to pay us till our original end date, and then we would get severence. Right now, i don't care about the severence, its 9 weeks. I would rather be secure in a new place, then have to count on finding a new job in that short amount of time.

Maybe its time to see a head hunter, job finder, all knowing employer extrodinaire?


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