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I've been meaning to write more, but things have gotten past me this week.
For part of the week, i was at the main office, training our new replacements. We were told not to think of them this way, but HELLO, we didn't want to move to texas, these guys are in Texas or close to more. That's another thing, what is it with guys and our department. Once I leave, their will only be 1 other girl. 1 -8 ratio... it never changes. I mean, I know that I work with geeks and nerds, yes there is a difference.

This weekend we finished tearing the shelves out of the bathroom, and sanding the drawers. I guess I could have purchased a new bathroom cabinet, but thats much more $$ then I wanted to spend. This way, it won't cost nearly as much as the one i wanted, which was $269 wihtout the counter top. Of course thats sold seperately. Hopefully, I can finish priming and patching the walls this week, then paint this weekend or after work. I do get off work now at 2:30pm, which will help.

the great job hunt is starting to suck. Hopefully, some new places I found spots at will like me. Did I mention, the quarter I am axed starts in December.


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