The Voices Inside My Head



Every feel like its just flying by? Like the world is going by at warp speed and you are barely hanging on by your finger tips?

Today I feel like that. Currently I am writing our ops/training manual, so that the replacements in the new location have something to learn from, go from. Especially when they hire new replacements. While this is a change of pace, I really wish they would decide what they want from it. At first it was to be 2 books, then they decided that the training guide, should really be a "cliff" notes version of the main guide. I'm sorry if you can't follow the ops manual, maybe you shouldn't be hired.

Needless to say, we are writing it how we think it should be, then if they don't like it, they can change it.

I've got a few possible leads with employment. A city near me rated my information, and has me in the database, and will call if anything comes up. a second company called to ask preinterview questions, but said they would call this week if they wanted to interview me. Its wednesday, and the phones not ringing, hopefully it will.
The one i really want, shows as still open on the website, hopefully they will see my resume and shout, "Close it out, we have found her"

I'm going ot try and write more as well... its cathardic to my weary self


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