The Voices Inside My Head


application frenzy

Hopefully we will hear something from 1 of the gazillion places i have applied to over the last few days. A friend of mine in town for the weekend said "just apply, even if you are only 1/10th qualified, but are interested in it, I bet you can do it, so just apply"

I think i will take hid advice, thanks buddy!


Where have all the good jobs gone?

I'm begining to wonder if there is something wrong with me, or maybe just my resume. Or maybe their is a secret coding hidden deep within the text, that I can't see that says "please, don't hire her"
Or maybe on the job websites, when employers search it says "nope, she's no good"

The thing is, I am hireable. I work hard, I love to learn new things, and am self motivated and guided. I have taught my self most of the software I know. Doesn't that say something.

I'm starting to feel defeated. i've been looking on an off for over a year, and now i m down to the crunch time. I know 3 months is a while, but I would like to be out before they shuffle me around. We know they won't let us go early, they would have to pay us till our original end date, and then we would get severence. Right now, i don't care about the severence, its 9 weeks. I would rather be secure in a new place, then have to count on finding a new job in that short amount of time.

Maybe its time to see a head hunter, job finder, all knowing employer extrodinaire?



Every feel like its just flying by? Like the world is going by at warp speed and you are barely hanging on by your finger tips?

Today I feel like that. Currently I am writing our ops/training manual, so that the replacements in the new location have something to learn from, go from. Especially when they hire new replacements. While this is a change of pace, I really wish they would decide what they want from it. At first it was to be 2 books, then they decided that the training guide, should really be a "cliff" notes version of the main guide. I'm sorry if you can't follow the ops manual, maybe you shouldn't be hired.

Needless to say, we are writing it how we think it should be, then if they don't like it, they can change it.

I've got a few possible leads with employment. A city near me rated my information, and has me in the database, and will call if anything comes up. a second company called to ask preinterview questions, but said they would call this week if they wanted to interview me. Its wednesday, and the phones not ringing, hopefully it will.
The one i really want, shows as still open on the website, hopefully they will see my resume and shout, "Close it out, we have found her"

I'm going ot try and write more as well... its cathardic to my weary self


Circle I Limbo

Oakland Raider Fans
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Parents who bring squalling brats to R-rated movies
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

DMV Employees
Circle IV Rolling Weights

George Bush
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

General asshats
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Circle VII Burning Sands

Osama bin Laden
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Saddam Hussein
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell


3 months

Only 3 months left till i am jobless. Found a friend that may be able to give me a hand. I have a great lead on one job, but they want 3 reference letters, too bad the people i asked are slacking. I HOPE they get those to me today.

We finally painted the bathroom, and now just have to hang the mirror and do the cabinets.


Finally Friday!!!

Yeah!!!! and the weekend plan as of now...

Check Direct Deposit for Me $$$
C goes to the Dr, to look at his arm
Trip to the deopt for new light fixture , new vanity mirriw and primer, did i mention the 1/2 yearly bonus $$
Remove old ugly ass light from Bathroom.
Prep bathroom for painting
Saturday -
C gets paid.
Prime bathroom
1st coat in bathroom
Marinate some steaks
2nd coat for bathroom
Off to Target or BBB for some new accessories for the bathroom, towel bars, shelves, and TOWELS..

SUNDAY... I sleep


Can I just say..........

I need to get out of here, and pronto. Unless of course, its okay to leave a job, running and screaming for your life.

So much for my new project, it, like all others, take a back seat to taking the majority of incoming calls. I shouldn't have known better.

But on a brighter note..

Hubby and I are going grocery shopping (yeah food) and to Target (yippee) tonight. Finally, going to get some curtains to replace the ghetto ones ones in the living room, so i don't feel so trashy. they were already broken when we moved in, but when we had the bird problem in the front stoop, the cats went nuts chasing shadows, and broke two more pieces.

I'm soo excited.



I've been meaning to write more, but things have gotten past me this week.
For part of the week, i was at the main office, training our new replacements. We were told not to think of them this way, but HELLO, we didn't want to move to texas, these guys are in Texas or close to more. That's another thing, what is it with guys and our department. Once I leave, their will only be 1 other girl. 1 -8 ratio... it never changes. I mean, I know that I work with geeks and nerds, yes there is a difference.

This weekend we finished tearing the shelves out of the bathroom, and sanding the drawers. I guess I could have purchased a new bathroom cabinet, but thats much more $$ then I wanted to spend. This way, it won't cost nearly as much as the one i wanted, which was $269 wihtout the counter top. Of course thats sold seperately. Hopefully, I can finish priming and patching the walls this week, then paint this weekend or after work. I do get off work now at 2:30pm, which will help.

the great job hunt is starting to suck. Hopefully, some new places I found spots at will like me. Did I mention, the quarter I am axed starts in December.