The Voices Inside My Head


Here's to late nights, concerts and friends

Oh Harry, You rocked last night!!!!

Needless to say, I will be back in bed afterwork. I got home close to midnight, called my Husband, had to pick him up. He and my brother were drinking and playing video games.  So, I found my shose, went back out. My cats looks at me to say, "fine just leave us agian, see if i sit on your lap again" . Came home, hit the pillow, only to have the alarm go off 4 hours later.

BUT, Harry you can dance and shake that ass on stage anytime. 


Sooo hot

Its going to be in the 90's today.Yesterday i didn't notice it till i had to recharge my work cell, midcall, so off went the fan, and BOY OH BOY... did it get hot.

Did you see this last night?
Nothing like the home run derby when nothing else is on . Halfway thru the season, and things out west are starting to heat up. Hopefully by then My hubby will be at my level for sports fanaticism, if not, I can train him over the next 50 years.

For some reason, I'm addicted to The North Shore. some of its cast are yummy


Been a while

My boss finally called me back, after i emailed him, and left countless messages saying, that I would not be making the trip, he took it well. I just think that if someone leaves you 4-5 messages, maybe you should call them back in a day or so, not 2 weeks, but thats me.

Works is slowly killing me. Its been crazy busy, I mean, should one person really have to deal with over 100 support issues in 1 day, i think not. While I'm not in a hurry to leave, I am.

This weekend I bought paint for the bathroom, and the office. Now to patch to the holes, sand some walls, clean um and paint... Did i mention its suppose to hit the 90's this week.