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I have a bad case of the Monday's. I covered a shift for someone on Friday so I didn't get my normal, 3 day weekend. Which after 4 consecutive busier then all get out weekends, I needed it.

In Happy news, we got an ottoman for the office. Some friends of ours got new furniture, and asked if we wanted their oversized chair with ottoman... Hell ya, even if its purple, thats what slip covers are for. I've already started designing the room around it. Need to get a move on it with fixing up the house.

Dad gave me some tomato plants he started, like 11. I can't wait for them to be ready.

OH and about Dallas

Its really not for us. We were bored the Second day. Downtown was alright, as was teh Galleria mall, but when you get to fly back into Downtown San Diego, its hard to say... I can give it up, cause really I can't.


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