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a giant funk..

Works got me in a funk, not a little one, or a big one, this ones GIANT. With all the stress i am already under, we have to decide if we want to move to another state,away from our families so i can stay with my current employer, or do i endure the big layoff and find another job?

We leave tomorrow night for our "discovery" trip out there. Some of our friends have already decided to go. My boss even found potential offers for C if we go. Now C worked for this company till a year ago, but he's not all set on heading out to the midwest, or going back to the company. I'm sure there would be other jobs but to start again.

Last week as i confirmed my travel reservations i realized i might not like my job well enough to last another year. and a year it would have to be. those are the rules, or you pay them back for relocating..nice. my job isn't a hard one, but at times can be frustrating.. now i know all jobs are like this but i would hope your boss would actually talk to you. Currently I work remotely, about 3 hours from the office. They have meetings that i find out about weeks later, new policy's second hand, new procedures when someone starts in on why i did something the old way. This is why I don't think i can do it any longer. The sad thing is most of this happened when i worked in the office, except i actually went to meetings, or they made me cover the lines while everyone else did.

So the question is...
Do i like it enough to move out or So Cal? Will anyone ever call me about my resume? Will i get paid enough to stay?

and people wonder why i'm in a funk


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