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this sucks

So yesterday i was in a very bad mood. The start of it...
A little background for anyone who actually reads this site. I work remotely for a company up the coast a ways. They have decided to move the Co to Dallas, and everyone's end dates are dec to Feb. Every one else works at the office, except for me, but I lead the team numbers wise... what set me off

"We know how stressful things have been the last couple of weeks and wanted to do something to express appreciation for the quality work you all consistently perform through the stress. Over by S's desk we've set up a little something from the Popcorn Factory with flavoured popcorn, candy, cookies, and other snacky-treats. Enjoy this as a token of appreciation from the core team. Keep up the good work, and thanks again!"

Then on AIM my supervisor gosh... "ohhh sorry"

Yeah, I'm pissed


  • "....A little background for anyone who actually reads this site...."

    Don't be shocked of those that read, but don't post comments.

    By Blogger Sayonaran, at 11:27 PM  

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