The Voices Inside My Head



So last night i went to the Gym. This is a pretty big thing for me, as I'm not a "gym" person. I did some time on a bike, then took a class. Now classes, i usually opt out of. THis was called PIYO... Pilates and Yoga, and it kicked my ass. I figured i would be a mess this morning, but I actually feel good. Guess all those weird stretches help.

When i got home, I called my mom. She had called twice, only telling my husband to have me call. Now, once is okay, twice mean something bad is happening or happened. My Grandpa, who has been very sick, his blood is septic. He had a infection near his ankle, they thought they were treating, but it got into his blood stream and yeah this sucks. I really want him not to be in pain. They aren't moving him to a hospital for that reason, he's too frail to move from the home.
its a sad day


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