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Mondays are evil

Like most people today i find myself longing to crawl back into bed, and sleep the day away. the Mondays following Time changes are diffcult to adjust to. now normally i'm not a snooze button hitter, but today, i slapped that thing 4 times. its a good thing i actually work from hom, since my hair,well i couldn't be bothered to blow dry it.
the cats, they have it easy. they are currently SLEEPING, getting the first of thier 18 hours a day in. they did successfully get me out of bed, they wanted to get a drink in the sink. good thing to, cause 4 could have easily turned into 9 times.

this weekend was my birthday, we had my parents and some friends over. it was a success, even if my hubby accidentlly added 1 1/2 cups of sugar to the pie crust, instead of 1 1/2 tsp, and I had to finish baking my own dessert, which i will say turned out excellent.

7:45 and i wish the day was over already.


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