The Voices Inside My Head


another weekend passes This weekend was great. Friday and Sat we did yard work. Only on the front yard. We pulled out 4 stumps the previous moron owners hid under the flower bed. Then i sifted out the weeds until the rain started.

We went to a wine and cheese party Saturday night, where i learned more then i really needed to about one friend. A virgin at 25 who would have guessed it. even after 3 very long relationships.
Otherwise the party was fun, although I am worried about another Friend who didn't come , and we couldn't get a hold of. Seems her SO, doesn't like us. Not that us(the group) hasn't had that before from someone's SO, its just he always seemed to enjoy himself. Makes you wonder if thats why she hasn't been returning calls. we know she's not happy, but she settling, she is tired, and doesn't want to go back out to the big bad world of dating. this makes me sad, no one should settle.

on Sunday, it was all about the concert which rocked. AS with the last show we saw, the first 2 bands were, ehhh, so so. The second was from Sweden and uber political.


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