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buying a house sucks. The process, not the actual house. We were stupid enough to start looking out houses while we were planing our wedding. Now that that is over, we should be in our house. We WERE suppose to close last week, right after we got back from Maui... oh maui how i miss you.
However, like all things, there are soo many people involved that its making everything a big FREAKEN Mess. How hard is it to email or fax, mail, drive over LOAN papers to Escrow, not 10 Min from there building.
Everyone keeps saying " oh this happens all the time" or my favorite "oh, but this isn't as bad as it can get, sometimes reallly bad things happen. Excuse me, bad things. I'm sorry, once you have been approved and everything is finialzed ( or so they say on the phone) does it really need to take 2 weeks to send the paperwork to close escrow.

enough about that.

Married life, doesn't seem all that different from fiance'd life, or living together, or being together.
it does generate a HELL of a lot of paperwork to change from one person to the new you. the MRS.

Ever fell like your job is sucking the life from you...


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