The Voices Inside My Head


Wow, my first blog.

Why is that weddings bring out the worst in people, or at least the planning of one. its not bridezilla, its mom zilla.

My job sucks. So i deicide to relocate, they decide that they want me to keep my job and telecommute from new city, then they give me a hell about projects they told me to cover not involve them, but now want an accounting of who, what why when aghhhhh. I honestly think they are pushing me to quit. Little did they know, that was the original plan, but hey the money would still come in, so why not. This is why my hair is gray, not do to heredity.

When is a to do list to long, when it is 1 page, 2 pages or more?

Do people who come to your wedding understand the blood, sweat and tears and Money that go into the planning?